50 years after revolution

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55 years after revoultion.


Is Cuba a tropical paradise or island with a dying ideology?


Now past the 55th anniversary of the 1959 revolution, Cuba is a living paradox with severe limitations on freedom of speech and press whilst equally admired for achievements in education and health. Little is left of the real socialism. What is left is the daily nightmare of children, women, men and senior citizens, all trapped, with no connection to other parts of world. All ways seem to be closed. Cubans are prohibited to travel abroad or return home without official permission.


Life in Cuba is challenging. While the unfair U.S. embargo remains in place, the economic situation in Cuba worsens, and its political system remains implacable. State workers and pensioners are paid in Cuban pesos to a value of $20 per month; even professionals are paid within this range. Furthermore, only limited consumer items are available in this currency and all imported goods (toiletries, household goods, clothes, etc.) have to be bought in hard currency. Small salaries make it almost impossible to survive.